• Noctiluca continues to improve its TADF emitter platform. The company recently concluded testing of a new family of emitters that have revealed great TADF properties, good to excellent QY and blue emission. Some of them are dedicated for PVD applications others for ink-jet printing. We were able to further refine our 3rd and 4th generation of TADF emitters platform. The latest test results were published by OLED-info in the article, that you can find following the LINK. This proves further, that Noctiluca is a first-league player, when it comes to the quality and properties of its compounds.  
  • Noctiluca has achieved the emission specifications that the competition has been working on for several years. The firm has already submitted one patent application for its IP (TADF compounds family), and the filing for another is scheduled in a few months – both are key assets in long-term value creation.
  • Established cooperation with European manufacturer of OLED panels, which commissioned Noctiluca to prepare a green TADF emitter. This cooperation aims to result in commercial sales of approximately EUR 1 million in annual revenues.
  • Noctiluca aims to be ready with a prototype TADF blue emitter system by the end of 2021 – which will enable the company to start looking for commercial customers and technology partners to commercialize the technology further.
  • Noctiluca’s core synthesis skills were validated by OSSILA, for whom Noctiluca’s team synthesized 14 TADF related compounds and emitters, resulting in existing revenue for the company
  • Company has been able to attract a world-class talent to its team – Sri Peruvemba (‘Hegemon’ of the OLEDmarket),who joined our board of advisors

We work hard on our commercialization efforts. To that end, Noctiluca has been able to achieve much visibility on the market across the globe in recent weeks due to: 

  • [USA] Being showcased at the most important display sector event globally – DisplayWeek 2020 in the iZone (space for future leaders of the display sector), where almost 200 people visited our booth and where our advisory board member Sri Peruvemba has moderated the most prominent panel – CEO Forum 
  • [ASIA] joining Taiwanese Garage+ program 
  • [EUROPE] joining selected to pan-European TechTour Photonics track