Noctiluca is a startup company that develops next generation OLED emitter materials – chemical compounds that form the fundamental basis of OLED displays. These are adopted in TVs, smartphones, wearables and several other mainstream devices.

The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display stack is made up of thin layers of organic materials. One of these layers, and perhaps the most important one, is the emitter – which actually converts electricity into visible light. This emitter and the rest of the organic materials together form a sub-pixel, the basic building block of an OLED display.

There are two ways to manufacture these layers – PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and IJP (ink-jet printing). While PVD is a mass-scale method and a majority of OLED displays nowadays are produced in this method it requires heavy investment into machinery and therefore is a natural barrier to entry. Ink Jet Printing is the next-generation OLED production process technology as it allows much more efficient and cost-effective material deposition and can help reduce OLED production costs dramatically.

Given these market conditions, Noctiluca’s product strategy is three-fold:

  • commercialization of 3rd generation of TADF emitters suitable for PVD applications
  • commercialization of 3rd generation of TADF emitters suitable for Ink-Jet Printing (IJP) applications
  • further development of Noctiluca’s technology platform in the space of 4th generation of OLED emitters

In the space of IJP emitters, our innovation in the long run aims at development of a commercial grade universal ink base with emitters of 3rd and 4th generation for printed OLEDs – with 1st and 2nd generation being market standard now. Such an ink could be compared to a white base paint that one uses, before adding pigment and other substances for creation of a customized paint.

Noctiluca is an OLED emitter designer and producer. We are working on commercial deployment of new (3rd and 4th) generation of OLED emitters.

While our development in the space of emitters for PVD applications is already underway, sparking commercial interest of Tier one companies, we are looking at expanding our reach and product portfolio into the forefront of the OLED industry – inkjet printing.

This innovation will not only broaden our customer base (there are only a handful of OLED producers using PVD, while the ink-jet market will presumably be less concentrated), but has a potential to introduce a new standard into the segment. Right now, all ink-jet OLED producers use custom-made inks that take a long time to prepare since they need to optimize the ink formulation and structure among over 30 parameters. Noctiluca wants to introduce a base formulation of ink for leading printers limiting the number of parameters that OLED producers need to optimize, thus creating a new standard in the market, capitalizing on the first mover advantage and becoming a global leader in the next 2-3 years in the ink-jet printing.

On top of the above, unlike many of OLED material designers, Noctiluca does not plan to grow in the fabless model, as it limits the ability to service the middle market and small players, thus limiting the. ability bring the Noctiluuca’s emitter platform closer to market. Instead, Noctiluca plan to have some production capabilities, both to speed up the emitter development process and will allow for a faster customer development process, thus leading to faster commercialization.