General information

  • Name: Iodine Elemental >99.8%
  • CAS number: 7553-56-2
  • Chemical formula: I2
  • Molecular weight: 253.81 g/mol
  • Synonyms: Iodine
  • Appearance: Metallic gray to purple prills

Iodine Elemental ≥99.8%: High-Purity for Industrial and Medical Applications

Noctiluca presents Iodine Elemental ≥99.8%, a high-purity iodine essential for a broad spectrum of scientific, medical, and industrial applications. With a CAS number of 7553-56-2 and a molecular weight of 253.81 g/mol, this product is vital in fields ranging from photography to medical diagnostics and advanced material processing. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding ACS, US, and EP standards ensures that each batch of Iodine Elemental offers unparalleled quality and consistency.

The Molecular Structure and Properties of Iodine Elemental ≥99.8%

Iodine, chemically represented as I2, is known for its distinctive physical and chemical properties. In its solid state at room temperature, iodine exhibits a lustrous, purple-black appearance, transitioning to a violet gas when heated. This halogen is particularly reactive, especially with metals, capable of forming complex compounds with non-ionic surfactants, which demonstrates its versatility in various reaction environments.

Key Features of Iodine Elemental ≥99.8%

  • High Reactivity: Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% is recognized for its exceptional reactivity with metals, which is instrumental in synthesizing intricate chemical structures within various sectors of the chemical industry. This reactivity facilitates the production of diverse metal-iodine compounds that are pivotal in catalysis and advanced material science applications. Such capabilities play a vital role in driving innovations and efficiencies in chemical manufacturing processes, further establishing its importance in the development of new technologies.
  • Complex Formation: Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% is adept at forming complex compounds with non-ionic surfactants, an attribute that is invaluable for advanced chromatographic techniques. These complex formations are essential for the precise analysis and separation of complex mixtures, enhancing the capabilities of both research laboratories and industrial manufacturing processes. This property significantly contributes to improvements in analytical methodologies and the quality of products derived from these processes.
  • Versatility in Applications: Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% demonstrates a remarkable range of applications that extend well beyond traditional uses. Its role is crucial in medical diagnostics, where it serves as a radiopaque agent in imaging technologies, and in the industrial sector, it acts as a potent biocide and disinfectant. Additionally, its application in photographic processes and as a key reagent in starch detection in analytical chemistry highlights its multifunctional utility. This versatility makes Iodine Elemental a fundamental component across numerous industries, emphasizing its indispensable nature in modern scientific and industrial applications.

Each of these features underscores the broad utility and essential nature of Iodine Elemental ≥99.8%, reflecting its critical role in fostering advancements across a spectrum of scientific and industrial fields.

The Role of Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% in Advanced Applications

In advanced material technologies such as perovskites, Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% is indispensable for its exceptional capacity to form complex compounds, which significantly enhances the synthesis of perovskite materials. These materials are pivotal for next-generation solar cell technologies, offering improvements in efficiency and performance. Additionally, Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% reacts readily with aldehydes and ketones under alkaline conditions, a property that is leveraged in organic synthesis to push the boundaries of organic electronics and photonics. This reactivity is crucial for developing new organic compounds that improve the efficiency of light-emitting devices and increase the scope of their application. Through these roles, Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% supports crucial advancements in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable technologies, demonstrating its critical impact on the future of material science and engineering.


Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% underscores Noctiluca’s commitment to excellence in chemical manufacturing. As a premier contract research organization, we are dedicated to supplying high-purity materials tailored to the diverse needs of our clients across various industries. Our expertise as a CRO enables us to provide both standard and customized solutions, ensuring that our partners receive the highest quality iodine for their specific requirements.

Feel free to contact us if you need larger amounts or specialized services. Our team at Noctiluca is prepared to assist you with any inquiries, ensuring your requirements for high-quality Iodine Elemental ≥99.8% are met with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.


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