General information

  • Name: Lead bromide >99.99%
  • CAS number: 10031-22-8
  • Chemical formula: PbBr2
  • Molecular weight: 367.01 g/mol
  • Synonyms: Plumbous bromide
  • Appearance: White powder

Lead Bromide >99.99% – High-Purity Precursor for Perovskite Applications

Noctiluca introduces Lead Bromide >99.99%, a chemical compound with unmatched purity and essential functionality in the realm of optoelectronics. With CAS number 10031-22-8 and a molecular weight of 367.01 g/mol, Lead Bromide >99.99% is meticulously engineered to support innovative technologies in perovskite-based devices such as electroluminescent diodes and solar cells. Our commitment to delivering substances that exceed industry standards ensures that Lead Bromide >99.99% is not only a product but a pivotal element in advancing optoelectronic solutions.

The Molecular Structure and Properties of Lead Bromide >99.99%

Lead Bromide >99.99%, also known chemically as Plumbous bromide or PbBr2, is characterized by its exceptional high resistivity and notable chemical stability, making it a prime candidate for utilization in extreme environmental conditions ranging from -200°C to +130°C. As a crystalline solid, Lead Bromide >99.99% plays a crucial role in the fabrication of advanced perovskite systems, where it is instrumental in forming highly efficient light-emitting layers and interfaces essential for solar technology advancements. The robust molecular structure of Lead Bromide >99.99% not only provides substantial temperature resilience but also ensures chemical robustness, making it highly versatile for applications across a wide range of temperatures. This adaptability is particularly valuable in the production of perovskite-based optoelectronic devices, where stable and efficient charge transport layers are critical. The molecular geometry of Lead Bromide >99.99% facilitates the formation of dense, uniform films that are key to achieving high performance in both light-emitting diodes and perovskite solar cells, underscoring its significance in the push towards more effective renewable energy solutions.

Key Features of Lead Bromide >99.99%

  • High Resistivity and Stability: Lead Bromide >99.99%, or PbBr2, offers unmatched electrical resistivity and chemical stability. These characteristics are indispensable for maintaining the structural integrity and performance of perovskite-based devices under varying environmental stresses. The stability of Lead Bromide >99.99% ensures that it can withstand extreme conditions without degrading, making it an ideal material for long-lasting optoelectronic applications.
  • Advanced Precursor Material: Serving as a foundational precursor in the production of cutting-edge perovskite optoelectronic systems, Lead Bromide >99.99% is integral to developing high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and solar cells. Its role in these technologies is to facilitate the formation of uniform and effective perovskite layers that are crucial for the optimization of light absorption and emission processes, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of these devices.
  • Wide Temperature Application Range: The robust chemical properties of Lead Bromide >99.99% allow it to perform consistently across a broad temperature spectrum, from as low as -200°C to as high as +130°C. This wide range of temperature applicability makes PbBr2 exceptionally suitable for diverse industrial applications, from cryogenic environments in space technology to high-temperature conditions in energy conversion systems. Its adaptability under such extreme conditions highlights the material’s versatility and its potential to meet various technological demands in the fields of electronics and renewable energy.

The Role of Lead Bromide >99.99% in Advanced OLEDs and Perovskite Applications

Lead Bromide >99.99%, known chemically as PbBr2, is integral to developing perovskite applications that revolutionize the optoelectronics field, including OLEDs and perovskite solar cells (PSCs). Its role as a precursor material is crucial for the fabrication of active layers that optimize light absorption and emission, essential for the efficient conversion of energy in solar cells and vibrant displays in OLED technologies. This functionality enhances the operational efficiency and lifespan of these devices while also contributing to sustainable energy solutions through improved light harvesting and emission capabilities.

Moreover, the high purity and precise stoichiometric control provided by Lead Bromide >99.99% ensure the reproducibility and reliability of perovskite formulations, which is vital for achieving consistent performance across production batches. These attributes make Lead Bromide >99.99% a cornerstone material in the pursuit of next-generation photovoltaic and lighting technologies, where it aids in overcoming challenges related to efficiency and color purity in OLED displays and increases the overall economic viability of solar energy solutions.


Lead Bromide >99.99% encapsulates Noctiluca’s commitment to excellence in supplying high-purity materials for the electronics and solar energy sectors. 

As a trusted chemical manufacturer and contract research organization, we provide our clients with advanced materials like Lead Bromide >99.99%, which are essential for pushing the boundaries of technology in both OLED and perovskite-based applications. 

Feel free to contact us if you need larger amounts or specialized services. Our team is prepared to assist you with any inquiries, ensuring your requirements for high-quality Lead Bromide >99.99% are met with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.


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