General information

  • Name: Lead iodide >99.99%
  • CAS number: 10101-63-0
  • Chemical formula: PbI2
  • Molecular weight: 461.01 g/mol
  • Synonyms: Plumbous iodide
  • Appearance: Bright yellow powder

Lead Iodide >99.99% – High-Purity Semiconductor for Perovskite Applications

Lead Iodide >99.99% is a superior-quality semiconductor characterized by its exceptional purity and significant role in cutting-edge perovskite applications. With a CAS number of 10101-63-0 and molecular weight of 461.01 g/mol, Lead Iodide >99.99% (PbI2) is instrumental in developing optoelectronic devices, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and perovskite solar cells (PSCs). This compound not only meets but exceeds stringent industry standards, providing a foundation for innovations in energy conversion and display technology.

The Molecular Structure and Properties of Lead Iodide >99.99%

Lead Iodide >99.99%, known chemically as PbI2, is distinguished by its broad band gap of 2.32 eV, which positions it as an exemplary semiconductor for applications demanding high resistivity and extensive chemical stability. The material’s crystalline structure plays a crucial role in the successful formation of efficient interfaces in perovskite-based optoelectronic devices, such as LEDs and solar cells. Its intrinsic stability over a wide temperature spectrum, ranging from cryogenic conditions at -200°C to elevated temperatures up to +130°C, guarantees its performance and reliability under varied operational conditions. This temperature resilience makes Lead Iodide >99.99% particularly valuable in perovskite applications where thermal stability can directly influence device lifespan and efficiency. Moreover, the purity level exceeding 99.99% ensures minimal impurities, maximizing the electrical and optical properties essential for high-performance optoelectronic components. This high degree of purity helps in reducing defects within perovskite films, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and stability of the devices manufactured with this advanced material.

Key Features of Lead Iodide >99.99%

  • High Resistivity and Chemical Stability: Lead Iodide >99.99% is notable for its high electrical resistivity, which plays a critical role in preventing unwanted charge carrier recombination, thereby enhancing the efficiency and performance of electronic devices. Its superior chemical stability ensures that it maintains performance integrity over time, even in harsh environmental conditions, making it a reliable material for long-term applications in electronics and optoelectronics.
  • Precursor for Perovskite Applications: As a crucial precursor in perovskite formulations, Lead Iodide >99.99% underpins the development of next-generation perovskite LEDs and solar cells. This compound’s involvement is essential for achieving high conversion efficiencies and pushing the boundaries of renewable energy technologies. Its ability to form high-quality perovskite layers facilitates the creation of devices that combine high efficiency with cost-effectiveness, thereby advancing the field of photovoltaics and solid-state lighting.
  • Wide Temperature Versatility: The robust physical properties of Lead Iodide >99.99% enable consistent performance across a broad range of temperatures, from as low as -200°C to as high as +130°C. This versatility makes it invaluable for applications that encounter extreme conditions, such as space technology and high-temperature industrial processes, where materials must resist thermal degradation and maintain functional stability. Its adaptability is further evidenced by its ability to be integrated into various device architectures without compromising the material’s integrity or performance.

The Role of Lead Iodide >99.99% in Advanced OLEDs and Perovskite Applications

In the realm of advanced OLEDs and perovskite technologies, Lead Iodide >99.99% is indispensable. Its ability to act as a high-quality precursor enhances the structural and electronic properties of perovskite layers used in OLEDs and PSCs. This contributes to devices that not only have higher luminance and energy efficiency but also exhibit increased durability and performance over time. The semiconductor properties of Lead Iodide >99.99%, including its wide band gap, facilitate the development of next-generation electronic and photonic devices that are more efficient, stable, and capable of operating under broader environmental conditions.


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