General information

  • Name: Methylammonium bromide >99.99%
  • CAS number: 6876-37-5
  • Chemical formula: CH6BrN
  • Molecular weight: 111.97 g/mol
  • Synonyms: Methylamine hydrobromide ; MABr
  • Appearance: White powder

Methylammonium Bromide >99.99% – High-Purity Precursor for Perovskite-Based Optoelectronic Devices

At Noctiluca, we are proud to offer high-purity Methylammonium Bromide with a purity exceeding 99.99%. Known chemically as CH6BrN with a molecular weight of 111.97 g/mol, this compound is a crucial precursor in the manufacture of perovskite materials with exceptional optical properties, including green emission and photoluminescence. Ideal for a range of applications from renewable energy devices to optoelectronic components, Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% sets new standards in the industry.

The Molecular Structure and Properties of Methylammonium Bromide >99.99%

Methylammonium Bromide >99.99%, also known as Methylamine hydrobromide and recognized by its CAS number 6876-37-5, features a robust molecular structure conducive to the development of advanced perovskite materials. This compound appears as a white powder and boasts a melting point of 296 °C, offering excellent thermal stability that is crucial for maintaining performance under diverse environmental conditions. Its molecular weight of 111.97 g/mol contributes to its effective use in high-tech applications. Methylammonium Bromide’s ideal bandgap properties facilitate efficient light absorption and emission, which are critical for high-efficiency optoelectronic devices. These characteristics make it a preferred choice for researchers and industries looking to leverage its superior optical properties in the fabrication of state-of-the-art perovskite solar cells and other renewable energy devices. The white powder form of Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% is highly valued for its purity and ease of integration into various scientific processes, enhancing its utility in both academic and commercial settings.

Key Features of Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99%

  • High Purity and Quality: Our Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% is synthesized through a controlled process to ensure a purity level that surpasses industry standards. This high purity is vital for achieving consistent results in research and commercial applications, particularly in the fabrication of perovskite-based devices.
  • Versatility in Perovskite Applications: As a leading precursor in the production of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) and photovoltaic cells, Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% is instrumental in creating materials that convert solar energy into electricity with exceptional efficiency. Its versatility also extends to the production of LEDs, where its properties enhance light-emitting capabilities.
  • Thermal and Optical Properties: The compound’s high melting point ensures it remains stable across a range of operational temperatures, making it suitable for use in climates varying from the very cold to the extremely hot. The exceptional optical properties of Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% make it indispensable in the field of optoelectronics, particularly in devices that require precise control of light emission.

The Role of Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% in Advanced OLEDs and Perovskite Applications

Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% is pivotal in developing OLEDs and perovskite-based devices. By facilitating the formation of perovskite layers with superior light absorption and emission properties, this compound significantly advances organic and hybrid photovoltaic systems. Its unique properties enhance the stability and durability of these devices, improving their performance and extending their lifespan. Additionally, the robust thermal stability and ideal bandgap of Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% make it crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of solar cells across varied environmental conditions, thereby optimizing their efficiency and reliability in renewable energy applications.


Methylammonium Bromide > 99.99% is at the core of Noctiluca’s offerings, reflecting our commitment to excellence in chemical manufacturing for sustainable and efficient energy solutions. As a leading chemical manufacturer and contract research organization, we ensure that our clients receive only the highest quality materials that drive innovation and technological progress in the renewable energy and optoelectronics industries.

Contact us today to explore how our high-purity Methylammonium Bromide can revolutionize your projects, ensuring your venture benefits from the pinnacle of chemical research and development or to order larger quantities of the compound.

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