General information

  • Name: Methylammonium iodide (> 99.99%)
  • CAS number: 14965-49-2
  • Chemical formula: CH6IN
  • Molecular weight: 158.97 g/mol
  • Synonyms: Methylamine hydroiodide ; MAI
  • Appearance: White powder

Methylammonium Iodide >99.99% – Leading Chemical for High-Efficiency Perovskite Applications

Noctiluca proudly supplies Methylammonium Iodide >99.99%, a premium chemical precursor vital for the perovskite industry. With a chemical formula of CH6IN and a molecular weight of 158.97 g/mol, our product exceeds 99.99% purity, ensuring top quality for manufacturing advanced perovskite materials. This high-purity compound is essential for creating efficient solar cells and other renewable energy devices, supporting both current applications and future innovations in sustainable technology.

The Molecular Structure and Properties of Methylammonium Iodide >99.99%

Methylammonium Iodide >99.99%, also known as Methylamine hydroiodide, identified by its CAS number 14965-49-2, possesses unique molecular characteristics that make it indispensable in the perovskite sector. This compound, while poorly soluble in water, dissolves readily in ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether, enhancing its versatility in a range of industrial processes. The substantial molecular weight and stability of Methylammonium Iodide >99.99% facilitate its integration into perovskite matrices. This integration is critical for the development of materials with superior optical properties, including green emission and photoluminescence, vital for advanced photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications. Its molecular structure, tailored for high absorption and emission efficiency, enables significant improvements in light harvesting and energy conversion efficiency in perovskite solar cells.

Key Features of Methylammonium Iodide > 99.99%

  • Purity and Reliability: Our Methylammonium Iodide > 99.99% is characterized by exceptional purity and reliability, fundamental for producing high-quality perovskite materials. These high-performance materials form the backbone of efficient photovoltaic cells and LED devices. The rigorous synthesis process guarantees a product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing a consistent and reliable basis for scientific research and commercial production.
  • Solubility Characteristics: The unique solubility profile of Methylammonium Iodide > 99.99% in both ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether allows for flexible application in solvent-based processes. This characteristic is crucial for optimizing the fabrication of perovskite solar cells and other optoelectronic devices, where precise solubility is necessary to achieve the desired consistency and quality of the perovskite films used in these technologies.
  • Optical and Thermal Properties: Methylammonium Iodide > 99.99% supports the development of perovskite materials that perform under a range of environmental conditions, thereby enhancing the durability and efficiency of photovoltaic systems and LEDs. Its excellent thermal stability ensures that it maintains its functional integrity even under high temperatures, which is critical for maintaining the performance and lifespan of perovskite-based devices. Additionally, the compound’s inherent optical properties enable more effective light manipulation, crucial for increasing the energy conversion efficiency of solar panels and the brightness of LEDs.

The Role of Methylammonium Iodide > 99.99% in Advanced OLEDs and Perovskite Applications

As a leading precursor in the field, Methylammonium Iodide > 99.99% is essential for the production of next-generation OLEDs and perovskite solar cells (PSCs). Its capability to form perovskite layers with exceptional light-emitting and absorbing properties positions it as a key component in the advancement of renewable energy technology. These perovskite layers significantly enhance the efficiency and performance of optoelectronic devices, making them crucial for achieving higher energy conversion rates and improving device longevity.

The integration of Methylammonium Iodide > 99.99% in these technologies not only optimizes the operational efficiency of solar cells and OLEDs but also enhances their stability under varying environmental conditions. This improvement is pivotal for the development of sustainable energy solutions that contribute to the transition towards cleaner energy sources.


Methylammonium Iodide >99.99% is a cornerstone of Noctiluca’s offerings, highlighting our dedication to advancing material science for sustainable and efficient energy applications. As a distinguished chemical manufacturer and CRO (contract research organization), we are committed to providing our clients with top-tier materials that foster technological innovation and progress in the perovskite industry.

Contact us today to discover how our high-purity Methylammonium Iodide can elevate your projects, ensuring your initiatives benefit from the highest standards of quality and performance or to order larger quantities of the compound.

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