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General information

  • Name: Ir(btpy)3
  • Full name: Tris(2-(benzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)pyridineiridium(III)
  • CAS number: 405289-74-9
  • Chemical formula: C39H24IrN3S3
  • Molecular weight: 823.08 g/mol
  • Absorption: λmax = 292 nm, 366 nm, 408 nm in THF
  • Photoluminescence: λmax = 596 nm, 645 nm in THF
  • HOMO/LUMO: HOMO = 5.1 eV, LUMO = 2.7 eV
  • Synonyms: Tris[2-(benzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)pyridinato-C3,N]iridium(III), fac-Tris[2-(benzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)pyridinato-C3,N]iridium(III)
  • Classification: Organic light-emitting diodes, Emmiting layer materials (EML), Red phosphorescent dopant materials
  • Purity: Sublimed: >99%
  • Melting point: >300 °C
  • Appearance: Red powder

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