Noctiluca is a designer and producer of OLED emitters – chemical compounds that emit light upon the application of the electric charge.

This component is a fundamental basis of any OLED display and determines its performance, such as color, contrast and durability. Currently, top-tier televisions feature OLED displays, and the latest smartphones such as iPhone®, Samsung®, and Xiaomi® are equipped with OLED screens. Moreover, the vast majority of innovative display technology products are moving towards OLED technology. The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display stack is made up of thin layers of organic materials. One of these layers, and perhaps the most important one, is the emitter – which actually converts electricity into visible light. This emitter and the rest of the organic materials together form a sub-pixel, the basic building block of an OLED display.

There are two ways to manufacture these layers – PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and IJP (ink-jet printing). While PVD is a mass-scale method and a majority of OLED displays nowadays are produced in this method, it requires heavy investment into machinery and therefore is a natural barrier to entry. Ink Jet Printing is the next-generation OLED production process technology as it allows much more efficient and cost-effective material deposition and can help reduce OLED production costs dramatically.

Noctiluca is an OLED emitter designer and producer. We are working on the commercial deployment of the new (3rd and 4th) generation of OLED emitters dedicated to both PVD and IJP applications.

The size of the global OLED market has been estimated at $ 36.71 billion in 2020.

Unlike many of the OLED material designers, Noctiluca does not plan to grow in the fabless model.

Fabless model limits the ability to service the middle market and small players and does not allow to bring the Noctiluca’s emitter platform closer to the market. Instead, Noctiluca plans to have significant production capabilities, both to speed up the emitter and customer development processes, thus leading to faster commercialization.


We are pioneers in OLED emissive materials.

No.1 IJP pioneer

While TADF materials for PVD are reaching the specifications required by the industry that plans to replace phosphorescence (2nd generation OLED materials), the TADF for ink-jet printing (IJP) was lacking in quality. Noctiluca’s materials are able to bridge this gap and our materials for IJP show the same level of maturity as its commercially available TADF materials for Thermal evaporation (PVD).

No.2 Express development

Our proprietary materials require only 2-3 synthesis steps. Since they are fairly easy to manufacture and customize to the needs of an OLED stack of a given partner, it makes us a partner of the first choice for those OLED producers, who look not only for a quality product, but also a responsible technology development partner, who can optimise the performance of not only emitters, but also other OLED materials – e.g. hosts within our partner’s OLED stack.

No.3 PVD leader

Noctiluca is one of three leading players globally pursuing deep blue emitters, making major steps to deliver the innovation for the benefit of the whole OLED industry.

No.4 one-stop shop

On top of that, Noctiluca offers emitters in the whole colour palette, ranging from yellow, through green to blue, with red in heavy R&D process – we are a one-stop-shop for IJP OLEDs

OLED red, green blue RGB Technology - noctiluca.eu

From the customer experience:

Customer gains access to IJP materials which have the same or better performance as TADF for PVD.

Customer gains access to R(*)GBY colour palette of a single emitter family, which translates into easier adjustments into OLED stack.

(*) Red is underway now and we expect to have in our offer soon.

2-3 step synthesis translates into speed when adjusting parameters of the OLED stack of a customer.

Customer gains access to a one-stop manufacturer, who can provide both emitters as well as other OLED materials e.g. hosts, dopants.


Noctiluca is a first-league player, when it comes to the quality and properties of its compounds.

While Noctiluca’s emitters for IJP applications have already reached the market, we continue to improve our TADF emitter platform. We are constantly refining our 3rd and 4th generation of TADF emitters and are proud to publish our results to the world – for details please contact us directly. We know that the only guarantee of success is the continuous development of our products.


The company protects its intellectual property through, among others, international patent applications, including those covering TADF compound families. Noctiluca’s expanding patent portfolio is a crucial asset in the long-term creation of the company’s value.


An established cooperation with the European manufacturer of OLED panels for marketing/ packaging applications – INURU, which commissioned Noctiluca to prepare a green TADF emitter. This cooperation aims to result in the commercial sales of approximately EUR 1 million in annual revenues.

Skill verification

Noctiluca’s core synthesis skills were validated by OSSILA, for whom Noctiluca’s team synthesized 14 TADF related compounds and emitters, resulting in the existing revenue for the company.

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