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Our background

We stand on the shoulders of giants such as Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Hevelius, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Aleksander Jabłonski or Ignacy Łukasiewicz. Currently, Polish scientists are some of the most sought after in the whole European Union due to an outstanding STEM education.

Toruń is our hometown and a historical city on the Vistula River in the north-central Poland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a population of nearly 200 000 people. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with the first settlement dating back to the 8th century, later expanded in 1233 by Teutonic Knights.

In the early-modern age, Toruń was a royal city of Poland and of the four largest city in the country. During the Second World War, it was spared from destruction; its Old Town with its iconic central marketplace has been entirely preserved.

Toruń is the birthplace of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the patron of the largest institution of higher education in the city. The Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń with over 20 thousand students was founded in 1945, based on the Toruń Scientific Society, the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius and Jan Kazimierz University of Lviv.

Meet The Team

Noctiluca’s Team have over 15 years of experience in both research and development projects.


Mariusz Bosiak

Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer

A co-founder of the chemical technology company Synthex Technologies with 15 years of experience in the optoelectronic industry. An expert in the implementation of research projects together with the industry, including the development of the third generation solar dyes, which have been patented and implemented together with a leading industry player. He carried out projects like Chemirol, Sapec Agro Business, Ascenza Agro, Ciech Agro.

Krzysztof Czaplicki

Chief Operating Officer

An experienced enterepreneur and manager of seed and VC funds. Since 2009, a partner at a seed capital fund – investing in new technologies. He has an international experience gained while working for the World Bank Group. Expert in the assessment of intangible assets in companies.


Mateusz Nowak

Chief Commercial Officer

A manager with experience in realisation of nearly to 100 projects ranging from the creation and implementation of the strategy, M&A and due diligence – ex-PwC, ex-VC, co-founder of MIT Enterprise Forum Poland

Alicja Zielińska

R&D Senior Specialist

An organic chemist, TADF application specialist specialising in thermal evaporation and ink-jet printing methods for the application of electroluminescent materials.

Daria Krzywko

R&D Specialist

Experience in organic synthesis. Specialisation in dendrimers, oligomers and polymers

Kinga Mylkie

R&D Specialist

Experience in organic synthesis. Specialisation in dendrimers, oligomers and polymers.

Piotr Trzaska

R&D Coordinator

A specialist in TADF and quantum-chemical methods (DFT) for predicting the properties of molecules. Extensive experience in organic synthesis. Scientific publications in the fields of organic chemistry and optoelectronics.


Sri Peruvemba

Business advisor

Sri Peruvemba is the CEO of Marketer International Inc., in California. Peruvemba was previously a Chief Marketing Officer for E Ink Holdings, where he played a major role in the transformation of a startup into an over $1 billion global company.

Jang Hyuk Kwon

Technical advisor

A professor in the display department at Kyung Hee University, the Deputy Managing Director of the Korean Optoelectronics Association. Key opinion leader in the display industry with over 100 publications and 50 patents. Previously, a Chief Researcher at Samsung SDI. Overseas tests of Noctiluca’s emitters in the Korean laboratory.

Michał Chabowski

Board Member and Partner at Rubicon Partners (two VC funds and M&A advisory butique), where since 2013 he dealed with corporate finance, fundraising and value building in startups under “invest and build” model. Historically, he gained experience in VC funds and advisory companies.

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