Our experience includes mainly the production of organic compounds for applications in optoelectronics and related fields. We also perform syntheses of, among others, high-purity organic compounds of iridium and platinum emissive materials, Gratzl-type dyes for DSSC applications.

We have the necessary laboratory equipment for the synthesis of organic compounds, reactors with a capacity of up to 50 L, industrial rotary evaporators, electrochemical reactors, etc.

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We have a wide range of equipment available:

  • GC and GCMS
  • HPLC and HPLC MS
  • IR and UV-VIS spectrometers
  • NMR (700 MHz, 400 MHz and 300 MHz)
  • ICP-MS
  • SEM i TEM
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2. Chemical Contract Research Organization

At the request of our Partners we conduct R&D.

Noctiluca’s scientific team conducts research and development projects in the chemical industry on behalf of its clients to develop cutting-edge solutions, including high-performance materials. Our scientific team will study the specific needs of each project to offer the best solution for your business. We are willing to take on any challenge in the field of organic chemistry, and we are available to be hired as your dedicated R&D team.

What do we offer?

  • Assistance in all basic reactions of organic chemistry, e.g. electrophilic substitution, nucleophilic substitution,
  • Project and optimizing organic synthesis, with particular emphasis on coupling reactions: Buchwald-Hartwig, Sonogashira, Ullmann, Kumada, Heck, Suzuki,
  • Support in the purification of compounds,
  • Planning synthesis paths,
  • Optimizing reaction conditions,
  • Increasing the efficiency of synthesis.

We work in fully equipped laboratories with specialized instruments for synthesis, purification, quality control, and characterization, ensuring the quality and proper characterization of our products at every stage of the process.  For more information on what a Chemical CRO is and how it works, see our blog post.

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Chemical sublimation service, increse the purity

Discover the possibilities offered by our sublimation service, meticulously designed to increase the purity of organic compounds. With our sublimation equipment, you can achieve an exceptional level of material purity and unleash the full potential of your organic compound.

3. Sublimation

At Noctiluca, we pride ourselves on being a producer of compounds known for their unparalleled quality and purity. Our pursuit of perfection is evident in our daily practice of sublimation. With our extensive expertise, we are delighted to provide you with a personalized sublimation service.

Experience the demand for excellence in cutting-edge technology where the use of ultra-pure materials is essential. Harness the transformative power of sublimation by enhancing the purity of materials and minimizing complications to increase the yield, brightness and lifespan of your final product.

With our specialized knowledge and resources, we can efficiently scale the sublimation process for your compounds to meet the demands of a semi-industrial operation. Rest assured that our commitment to precision and quality ensures the creation of the highest caliber products. What is sublimation? You will find out here

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