Noctiluca diversifies its business portfolio with state-of art laboratory and expanded team

Noctiluca, the technology company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (NewConnect market), is proud to announce significant advancements in its portfolio. Renowned for its expertise in proprietary emitters for next-generation OLED displays, Noctiluca has expanded its business to encompass chemical Contract Research Organization (cCRO) services, sublimation and a broader range of chemical materials. The company already has customers in these areas.

Proprietary chemical compounds for OLED displays and lighting

Noctiluca is a technology company specializing in the creation of chemical materials for products of the future. Currently the company develops proprietary chemical compounds, specifically tailored for the latest generation OLED displays.

These compounds, described as 3rd, 4th and 5th generation emitters and other high performance materials (EIL, ETL , HTL, etc.), are integral components in the creation of high-quality electronics, including displays for monitors, TVs, smartphones, wearables, and virtual reality devices, as well as lighting applications.

Importantly, Noctiluca’s materials are compatible with all production methods used in the display industry – primarily Vacuum deposition (PVD) and solution processing (e.g. Ink Jet Printing). Being a one-stop-shop for the display industry, Noctiluca has a broad value proposition of providing both excellent novel materials, and entire setups of materials that are ready to be implemented by the industry players, that require no or minimal materials competency to gain the completive edge from the use of latest developments in the organic chemistry space.  

Chemical compounds and R&D

In addition to its work on proprietary materials (incl. emitters), Noctiluca is diversifying its offering. One of them is serving as a chemical Contract Research Organisation (cCRO). In this role the company is actively engaged in Research and Development (R&D) projects for clients within the space of organic chemistry. These projects primarily focus on developing novel chemical compounds utilized in the manufacturing of various devices. The portfolio of the company’s clients includes e.g. European leader of inkjet printed OLEDs, american Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s spinout andworld leader in watch makingusing OLED components.

Additionally Noctiluca is producing patent-free, chemically advanced compounds tailored to the specific requirements of its clients. The company has successfully fulfilled initial orders for international players in the photonics market, establishing itself as a reliable partner for those seeking customized chemical solutions. Noctiluca’s offer can be found in specialized marketplaces (e.g. Reaksys) and in the portfolio of specialized distributors, including Filgen, Solaveni, Chemat and others.

Noctiluca’s offer is complemented by sublimation. Researchers and manufacturers use sublimation to enhance the purity of used compounds to the possible maximum. It ensures the highest quality and efficiency of a wide range of products in the end use applications such as mobile devices, monitors, solar cells, and more. Noctiluca’s equipment is able to handle batches ranging in any size from 1g up to 1 kg of material.

State-of-the-art lab and a team of great scientists

All above was possible thanks to a new laboratory, officially unveiled in 2023. This strategic investment enabled the company to scale its operations – to efficiently handle both the development of proprietary emitters for OLEDs and the catering to the needs of a broader display industry with its know-how.

Commenting on these developments, Mariusz Bosiak, Noctiluca’s CEO, expressed:

Thanks to upgraded facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and increased space we are able to not only expand our physical capabilities but also our team – currently our Polish laboratory alone employs over 20 organic chemists with few more working in our R&D center in Korea. Our new business lines strengthen Noctiluca’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for customers and partners.

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