Streamline your sublimation service with Noctiluca

Sublimation, an important  process in chemistry and materials science, involves the direct transition of a substance from its solid phase to its gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. This unique phenomenon is harnessed for purification and material preparation purposes and can be used across various industries, including OLED displays and printed electronics.

However sublimation demands meticulous attention to detail and precise execution to achieve optimal results. At Noctiluca, we specialize in advanced sublimation services. With the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise we ensure the highest levels of purity and quality in the final product.

If you’re seeking purification of organic compounds, Noctiluca provides the expertise and resources to streamline your sublimation process effectively. In this detailed guide, we walk you through the stages of our sublimation service, shedding light on how Noctiluca response to its Clients’ requests.

Stage I

The cooperation begins with understanding Client’s needs comprehensively. To best deliver the service, it is important for us to gather detailed information about the compound being sublimated. By addressing initial questions such as compound name, purity levels, thermal properties, and delivery expectations, we collect all the necessary data for a tailored sublimation plan preparation.

Some of the questions are:

  • What is the compound name and CAS#?
  • What is the quantity of the material for sublimation?
  • What is the purity of the material before sublimation?
  • What methods and conditions were used for the determination of material purity?
  • What is the expected purity of the material after sublimation?
  • Have you tried to sublime this material before? If yes, what was the result?

If any information is unavailable or cannot be shared, please notify us, and we will make every effort to assist regardless.

Upon receiving the inquiry and the data, our team examines the provided information to ascertain the feasibility of sublimation for your compound. This stage serves as a crucial first step towards offering you a clear scheme of the sublimation process along with a commercial proposal for the subsequent stages. The cost of sublimation varies depending on numerous factors and is tailored to specific compounds. Therefore, we do not have a “fixed” price at this stage due to this variability.

Stage II – trial sublimation

With the groundwork laid, we proceed to the trial sublimation phase. Each compound sublimes under different process conditions and different efficiency that is why it is so important to determine optimal process parameters accordingly. Through collaborative efforts and analytical testing, we aim to achieve the highest purity levels while maximizing yield.

During this stage, we sign an agreement for trial sublimation and request a sample of the material, usually 3-5g. We’ll conduct analytical tests to assess the compound’s purity and certain thermal properties. Following this, we’ll initiate sublimation process trials, analyzing the purity of the resulting product and its yield after each trial. Ultimately, we’ll compile a technical report detailing the trials and provide a commercial offer for sublimating the entire quantity of material.

Stage III – sublimation

Having fine-tuned our process through trial sublimation, we embark on the final stage – sublimation of the entire material quantity. With scrupulous planning and execution, we scale up the process to deliver ready sublimed products of confirmed purity.

Upon completion, you receive your sublimed product accompanied by a detailed technical report and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) affirming its purity. This phase concludes with the issuance of the final invoice, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the service.

From initial inquiry to final delivery, our commitment to excellence ensures a seamless experience. Contact us and unlock the full potential of your chemical compounds:

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