Sublimation service at Noctiluca

Sublimation demands meticulous attention to detail and precise execution to achieve optimal results. At Noctiluca, we specialize in advanced sublimation services. With the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise we ensure the highest levels of purity and quality in the final product.
In this detailed guide, we walk you through the stages of our sublimation service, shedding light on how Noctiluca response to its Clients’ requests.

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Noctiluca diversifies its business portfolio | Business update

Noctiluca, the technology company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is renowned for its expertise in proprietary emitters for next-generation OLED displays. Recently the company has expanded its business to encompass chemical Contract Research Organization (cCRO) services, sublimation and a broader range of chemical materials. Noctiluca already has customers in these areas.

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Jablonski Diagram

The Jablonski Diagram, conceptualized in 1933, is more than a schematic—it’s a comprehensive framework for visualizing molecular behavior under photo-excitation. This diagram is invaluable for OLED material manufacturers as it intricately maps the energy levels of molecules, both electronic and vibrational, in response to light.

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Unraveling the mystery of excitons

In the expansive world of modern optoelectronics, excitons stand as a cornerstone concept. Conceived as bound states formed by an electron and an electron hole, excitons are quintessential in the study of light and matter interaction, especially in the realm of OLED technology. As electrically neutral quasiparticles, they exist in various condensed matter forms, ranging […]

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How was Display Week 2022?

During the last two years of restricted or almost no travel, a lot has happened in the industry. With fewer distractions like travel and mandatory meetings, the industry has done a lot more to further develop the technology.

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